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Register your business at our address in the heart of Ottawa’s Downtown.

Do you need a real street address to get your important business-related mail? Businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit from a private mailbox rental service. At The Office on Gloucester, we’ll gladly manage your mail and packages in Ottawa’s downtown core. Expect an unmatched service that is convenient and safe for receiving and storing important mail.

We receive and send email notifications when your mail and packages arrive from any carrier.  Items are safely and conveniently placed in your mailbox until you can pick them up at your convenience. Additionally, we provide mail forwarding services. Count on our mailbox rental solutions.

  • VIRTUAL RECEPTION:  List your business on the directory
  • NOTIFICATION:  Receive an email with a snap shot when items arrive
  • HOURS:  Access the mail room during business hours Monday-Friday 9a-5p
  • PACKAGES:  Items that do not need a signature are delivered to the front desk. (NOTE: pickup within 48 hours, maximum size roughly shoe box)
  • MAIL FORWARDING:  Request bundle to be forwarded weekly/monthly or as requested. Standard bundle package of 6 letter costs $5.00


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not covered below? Feel free to give us a call at 613-317-7330 and we will be happy to help!

How do I open a mailbox?

Select your preferred package and fill in the online application form. You must provide two valid forms of identification, one of which must be a government issued driver’s licence and provincial or federal business registration document.  Once your identity if verified you will receive a welcome email activating the service within 2 business days.

What address do I use?

The address you will use is simply 100 Gloucester Street, Suite 300.  You are assigned a mailbox number that is only used internally.

How is this different from a post office box?

With a Mailbox Service, you get a real street address where you can register your business, not just box on a wall (you get that too!) Having your mailbox with us means your clients and customers see a professional image when they look you up. Consider adding the Digital directory listing.

What is the digital directory listing?

Your company name and logo is added to the Virtual Receptionist in the lobby.  Never miss a delivery or opportunity to connect with a prospective client that walks in.  They will always find you in the directory.  Receive emails with their name, contact information, date, and time.  Additionally, with SMS (text notification) you can two-way message with the terminal in real-time from your smartphone.

Can I use this address to register my business with Industry Canada?

You sure can! As you have already learned, government services will not accept a PO BOX, such as Canada Post or Mailboxes Etc. as your business address.  This is where your membership with our coworking office solves this problem.  Use the address for our office and when mail arrives we notify and distribute them to you. You must comply with all Provincial and Federal laws and ethical standards. We require that you use the address for business purposes, and we must verify your identity at the start of your subscription.

Can you forward or hold my mail if I am away?

Yes, we will hold any mail until you get back. We also offer mail forwarding to all our mailbox customers. You can choose to have it forwarded on demand, or on a weekly or monthly basis.

How do I pay?

We offer a 12-month long subscription, which you may either pay monthly, or save 2 months by paying for the whole year in advance.

All subscription payments must be paid by credit card.

What are our Terms of Service?

The minimum subscription length of all Mailboxes Service is twelve (12) months.

Can I subscribe for just a month or two?

Sorry, the subscription is for a minimum term of 12 months.  We require one-year to recover the cost of setup and managing the service.

How can I cancel my mailbox the subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled after one (1) year of service, providing us with 45 weeks’ written notice to [email protected]. We will confirm the cancellation and effective date by email. If you choose to terminate your service before 12 months have passed, you will still be charged one year’s service.

How large of an item can I receive in my mailbox?

Any standard letter size up to magazine format that will fit in your mail slot 7 1/2″ X 11″. Packages up to the sizer of a shoe box are also acceptable and in your notification you will be notified of the sorting shelf where it is located.

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